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Start-up easing affordable housing search for tenants – The South Sydney Herald

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Seung Hoon Ha on the rooftop balcony of his property which overlooks Victoria Park in Chippendale says he is grateful to WelcomeMat for helping him to find an affordable tenancy closer to work. 

“Many Australians struggle with the burden of applying to many different properties in their search for an affordable rental home, slowing down the system despite staggering demand in Sydney,” said Mark Khoo, Co-founder, and CEO of WelcomeMat. Read about affordable housing and how it might work for you and many others on low to moderate incomes to find accommodation closer to work, university and to fulfil commitments without leaving a dent in your overall housing budget.   

Read more: https://southsydneyherald.com.au/start-up-easing-affordable-housing-search-for-tenants/ 

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