We currently have affordable rental housing in the Sydney Metro, Central Coast and Hunter regions.
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Generous Owners

Be part of the affordable housing revolution!

Are you a property owner who wants to make a difference?

At WelcomeMat we now help property owners who are looking for a better way to have their property managed, while helping to transform lives!

Better yet, there may be significant tax benefits savvy investors can access by having their properties managed by Community Housing Providers.

If you’re interested in finding out more, register your details and we will be in touch to discuss your options.

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What is a “generous owner”?

Many of our partners who advertise their affordable rental properties on WelcomeMat manage properties for who we like to refer to as “generous owners”

These owners might have a particular passion for the common good, religious belief or are simply looking for a more tax-effective way to manage their properties.

We connect generous owners to appropriate housing providers based on what is important to the owner. Whether that is charity, community support or financial, we help owners find the right provider.

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How it works

  1. Register your interest as a property owner
  2. We will get in touch to discuss your options
  3. We connect you to appropriate Community Housing Providers
  4. You appoint the preferred Community Housing Provider to manage your property like a normal agent
  5. The Community Housing Provider will advertise your property on WelcomeMat
  6. The property is leased as affordable rental housing to help someone in need
  7. Explore how you might also access potential tax benefits
  8. You can transform lives!
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What is affordable rental housing?

Affordable rental housing is for people with incomes that are very low, low or moderate. It’s quite a range, but then there are a wide variety of people who can access affordable rental housing. Rent is generally set at around 20-25% below market rent prices.

Most affordable rental housing is managed by not-for-profit community housing providers. Each property has its own eligibility criteria, and the providers assess applications against these criteria when they are determining eligibility.

Affordable rental housing providers generally have many properties they manage, much like a big leasing agency, they just do so with the purpose of helping the community.

What type of tax benefits might be available?

If you commit to leasing your property at a 25% or higher discount you may be eligible for a capital gains tax exemption of up to 60% of the CGT. This extra 10% on top of the 50% discount for investors who hold properties for over 12 months could be a massive saving (especially if your property has increased significantly in value).

On top of that, depending on who you use to manage your property, you may be able to claim the foregone rent as a donation. 

The information provided above is general information only. WelcomeMat is not a financial adviser. Please seek independent legal, financial and taxation or other advice on the potential tax benefits, in the context of your own unique circumstances. 

Be part of the affordable housing revolution!

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