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WelcomeMat now included in Commonwealth Bank’s Benefits finder

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We’re excited to advise that Commonwealth Bank’s Benefits finder now includes affordable rental housing as a benefit, with a link to WelcomeMat as the way to find vacancies and apply. 
Benefits finder was launched nationally by Commonwealth Bank in September 2019 to support the financial wellbeing of its customers. Benefits finder helps customers find available benefits, rebates and concessions they may be eligible to apply for.  Since launch, over 2.5 million customers have visited the feature in the app or website, and more than 800,000 claims have been started. 
Affordable rental housing is for people on very low to moderate incomes, and is mostly provided or managed by not-for-profit community housing providers pursuant to government guidelines and programs like the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and NSW Affordable Housing Ministerial Guidelines.  Prior to WelcomeMat, there was no central place for people to go to find what affordable rental housing may be available and apply for it.
Commonwealth Bank’s customers will now be able to access WelcomeMat directly from the CommBank app or NetBank online banking service.  WelcomeMat displays listings of available affordable rental properties and connects eligible applicants with housing providers through a streamlined application process.
Inclusion of WelcomeMat in Benefits finder will help raise public awareness about what affordable housing is and make it easier for more Australians to search and apply for affordable rental properties.
With so many people impacted by the coronavirus, it is more important than ever for as many people as possible know what affordable rental housing may be available and can help reduce their housing stress. 
We commend Commonwealth Bank for their support of the sector in this innovative way.
Benefits finder and WelcomeMat - better together!

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