We currently have affordable rental housing in the Sydney Metro, Central Coast and Hunter regions.
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FreshHope Housing

About FreshHope Housing

Fresh Hope Housing

About us/Who we are

We are a community housing provider in NSW and the ACT. We are registered as a tier 3 provider with the National Regulatory Scheme for Community Housing (NRSCH) and are a member of Churches Housing (the peak representative body for faith based housing providers).  

Fresh Hope Housing is an agency of Fresh Hope. Fresh Hope is the ministry architecture for Churches of Christ in NSW and the ACT.

Our mission is to transform communities and lives with Fresh Hope.

Our vision is to provide a framework for local churches, faith expressions and Fresh Hope’s related agencies in which property assets can be converted and utilised to provide affordable housing options for those in need.

What do we do

We partner with churches, corporate organisations, and government to provide community housing.


We have three main types of partnerships:

Churches: Fresh Hope Housing has been working with a number of Churches of Christ churches across NSW and ACT on a range of redevelopment opportunities. Where Churches have opportunities to redevelop their property, we explore opportunities to partner with them to provide housing as part of that redevelopment. We will continue to identify and target specific areas of growth and focus for Fresh Hope as a whole and Fresh Hope Housing as a provider, in line with Fresh Hope’s Urban Mission & Regional Renewal strategic objective.

Corporate Organisations: Partnerships with corporate organisations are key to Fresh Hope Housing. Together week seek opportunities to develop housing initiatives. To date we have had several opportunities to partner with corporate organisations and continue to seek out and build new partnership opportunities.   

Government: Partnerships with government agencies both federal, state and local are critical for the long-term sustainability of Fresh Hope Housing. Each level of government provides differing levels of funding and support and we seek to maximise opportunities for funding at each level.  

If you are interested in partnering with us in any way we would love to hear from you. You can email us at: property@freshhope.org.au